DrTuna Sdn Bhd is the producer and marketer of yellowfin tuna-based frozen products under the brand name Dr.Tuna™. Our mission is to market and promote yellowfin tuna as a healthier choice of protein-rich food to Malaysians and to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in bringing Malaysian tuna-based products to the international market.

The year 2018 marked our humble beginning when we opened our first stall in Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur as Zambayu Enterprise. In 2020 we took a leap and established a private limited company, DrTuna Sdn Bhd, and began to market and promote our very own Dr.Tuna™ brand, which soft launch was held in Tuna Gallery in Batu Maung, Penang.

We haven’t looked back since. Starting with a café in Laman Perikanan in Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), we embarked in more aggressive marketing campaigns to introduce yellowfin tuna-based products to our fellow Malaysians by inviting business-minded individuals to become “Tunapreneurs”.

The responses that we received from the public were very encouraging. Besides normal consumers who are attracted by the superior taste and health benefits of the yellowfin tuna, there are also a number of individuals and companies who are drawn by the business opportunities that we offer. True to our tagline, “Eat Better, Live Healthier”, our products are well-received in selected restaurants and supermarkets in the the Klang Valley area, and we are determined to spread our wings to other regions as well.

In 2020, we were nominated and subsequently selected as “Ikon Agro Selangor 2020”, an award that serves as a catalyst for us to improve the overall quality and presentation of our products and promoting the brand further.

Going international will be our next step, and we are always on the lookout for opportunities to share the unique taste of our mouth-watering yellowfin tuna-based products with the rest of the word.



Besides the premium quality of DrTuna™ products, the company is also fueled by the energy and spirit of these three individuals whose heart and soul are in the business, and always strive to take the products to the next level.

Chief Executive Officer:

Azanizam Aminuddin

Chief Business Development Officer:

Shazli Rifa’at Ghazali

Chief Operating/Finance Officer:

Khartini Isa


YEAR 2018

  • Establised as enterprise company; Zambayu Enterprise
  • Started 1st stall at Warung Che Senah, Kg. Baru
  • Participated in MAHA 2018

YEAR 2019

  • Started café operation at Laman Perikanan MAEPS Serdang
  • Media exposure; Nona TV3, Borak Kopitiam, SPM (RTM) and TV9
  • Dr.Tuna brand soft-launching at Tuna Gallery, Batu Maung, Penang
  • Participated in Agrofest Selangor 2019 & HPPNK 2019
  • Selected to join Malaysia Street for Olympic Tokyo 2020 under domestic & international market incentive programs by MOA

YEAR 2020

  • Cooperated with DOF; implement program 5,000 Yellowfin on Stick for frontliners at Low-Risk Quarantine Center MAEPS
  • Exposed in media segment in Buletin Utama TV3
  • Nominated and selected as “Ikon Agro Selangor 2020”